National Youth Dialogue is an Africa Youth Democratic Web Platform- “AYDWP” focused on Youths Perspective and Participation in Governance and National Development. This online Portal is deployed to facilitate collaboration among young people to contribute, monitor and share ideas towards development in governance. This technology allows the youth to leverage the penetration of Internet and its use by young people in collating ideas and directing them to the appropriate authorities leading to discussions with the President during the Presidential Youth Dialogue.

To stem the discussions further, a face-to-face Forum that brings together the youth and policy makers with relevant stakeholder agencies and partners on a common platform to Dialogue across the Country. This Forum will focus on essential Youth related national development agenda, most importantly the National Youth Policy and featuring seasoned resources persons from academia, government and industry on a common platform to give insight to the Topic for the forum and facilitate the collation of solutions. The forums are scheduled per monthly Regional Dialogues. This will allow policy makers and the youth to dialogue on national issues side – a – side.

This initiative and web- Portal in brought to you by POS Foundation, Ghana in Partnership with Liquid Democracy, Germany. It is backed by the National Youth Authority, Ghana.

POS Foundation, Ghana is a Non-Governmental Organization of young enterprising Ghanaians that seek to promote Youth Development, Human Right and Social Justice for Collective Development. POS Foundation since 2005 is certified under the regulations and laws of Ghana and has worked with both International and local NGOs, Embassy’s/High Commissions, MMDAs, youth groups and has presence in 9 Regions out 10 Nationwide. POS has advocated and fought for the youth and children/venerable on numerous rights based cases in court and champion the fight for justice in several law suits involving multinational companies over consumer protection issues at the high court’s among others.

National Youth Authority: The National Youth Authority (NYA) which was established in 1974 by NRDC 241, thus the Statutory Public Organization mandated to ensure the empowerment of the Ghanaian youth under the Ministry for Youth & Sports. The National Youth Authority undertake various priority based youth development interventions in the National Youth Policy.

Liquid Democracy, Germany: The Liquid Democracy Association is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that works on innovative ideas and projects for democratic participation.

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